Troyan and the village of Chiflik

The municipality of Troyan is located at the north foot of the Troyan-Kalofer part of Central Stara Planina, at an altitude of 400 meters. It is 170 km north-east of Sofia, 120 km north of Plovdiv and about 300 km west of Varna. The town is spread along the terrace-like banks of the Beli Osam River.

The village of Chiflik
The village of Chiflik lies in the highest valley of the Beli Osam River, 15 km south-west of Troyan, with a bus line connecting them. The village has 200 houses and 500 inhabitants.
It is a unique resort with potentials for ecological, country and balneological tourism. Here you can see landmarks like the Kozia Stena reserve with the famous mountain edelweiss, the saddlebacks Kashka and Markova Livada, the rock phenomena Ushite, Sadranata Stena, Rogachevi Kamani. The valley of Beli Osam with its adjoining rivers Rogacheva, Koziashtitsa, Gabrovshtitsa and others, is all green – everything is covered with coniferous and beech trees, and the hills and ridges of the Troyan Mountain swim in lush pastures. The climate is favorable all year round – the average temperature in January is 0-1 degrees C and in July it is 20-21 degrees C. There is a mineral water spring in Chiflik, with water temperature of 50 degrees C, slightly mineralized and having healing properties for neuralgic, gastric and skin diseases, as well as for locomotory system.